And we’re back…

So after a year long hiatus Scott and I finally came around to the discussion of another Windows Phone day in Bournemouth. Last year’s was a great success and everyone seemed to enjoy it so we always intended to give it another go.

Scott is now working at the Mothership (Microsoft, Reading) and by chance I had a meeting just up the road so we met up for lunch a couple of weeks ago and agreed another Windows Phone day was a good idea. Scott being ideally placed to get hold of some great speakers and me being, well just enthusiastic really, we set the ball rolling.

David at the ever accommodating RedWeb has allowed us to hijack their fantastic Loading Bar again (as well as make sure the fridges are stocked ;) ) which served us well last year so the date is set.

Windows Phone Dev Day 2 will be held in Bournemouth on 31st August 2013, and will of course be completely free to attend. We hope to see you there and stay tuned for more exciting announcements…

Go sign up now!

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